All About Me

green flower

Hi I'm Kirsten, of ALL ABOUT YOU NATURAL THERAPIES. I love the simple pleasures in life: sunrises, beach walks, cooking and very accidentally, photography. As you can see, I have posted some of my favourite morning pics.

I have always had a desire to help people and make them feel good. It took me quite a while to finally find the career that would allow me to do that while working in a calm, happy and positive environment.

After ten years of studying Massage, Stretching, Pathophysiology, Energetic Healing and Nutrition I still feel passionate about continuing to learn and improve my skills to provide the best possible treatments I can for you.

I have a thirst for knowledge so I don’t think I will stop learning anytime soon but the most valuable has been on the job, I love massage.

In my treatments I like to create a safe, relaxing atmosphere, using a combination of everything I have learnt tailored to the individual YOU.

Each treatment has a fresh approach, always a goal in mind & even deep tissue remedial treatments end in relaxation, comfort and relief. I know that the more relaxed YOU are the deeper and more effective the massage will be.

I use (& sell) heat packs, I always ensure YOU are warm & comfortable, I use good quality massage products including, the oil, aromatherapy & equipment & I offer rebates on all health funds eligible to claim for massage.

Any referrals or other people I have working with me at any time are the people I trust to provide quality treatments with the same values as I have, these are the people I get my massages from so they come highly recommended.