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Massage is so much more than a pampering experience that we rarely allow ourselves the time or budget for.

Massage increases circulation, reduces stress, stimulates the lymphatic system, promotes relaxation, reduces aches and pains, clears the mind, enhances sleep, prevents injury to muscles and feels great. Do something wonderful for yourself - Book in for a massage today.

Once you have had a massage or two to alleviate problem areas and get your body back to homeostasis (natural state of being), a monthly massage is a great way to maintain your new improved state of health and wellbeing.


All standard services will be for 1 hour duration and longer appointments are available by request

Clinic location

We are located in Tumbi Umbi. Address will be provided at the time of your appointment.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are beautifully presented. They can be picked up or posted to you on receipt of payment using Visa over the phone or bank transfer.

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