green flower

1 hour foot treatment (foot spa & massage).

The feet are a map of the body. Massaging the feet on specific reflex points gives an overall healing effect on the body as well as the mind and spirit.

This treatment is very relaxing and promotes sleep.

Specific points on the feet (& hands) relate to specific internal organs of the human body, when massaged causes a reflex action.

This reflex action can have many positive effects on people, like clearing blockages and stagnation (along meridian lines), strengthen the immune system and calm the body.

Additional benefits…

* Helps to balance the body

* Normalises the function of internal organs

* Stimulates the healing process

* Relaxes the body

* Allows the patient to achieve physical and emotional well-being

* It is a holistic, non-invasive therapy

* It leads to better function of the circulatory system

* It improves blood and nerve supply to muscles

* It relaxes muscle spasm and tension

* Promotes good muscle tone through nerve stimulation

* It promotes a more active peripheral vascular return

* It calms the nervous system

* It lessens pain, inflammation and swelling to damaged tissues

* Stimulates the lymphatic system

* Achieves homeostasis of all the systems in the body